Equity Plan

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The Federal Government, under the regulations and the Title I funding parameters requires local school districts to develop an equity plan that assures that poor and minority students are not taught at higher rates than other students by inexperienced (1-2 years of teaching experience), unqualified or out – of – field teachers.

The Provident Charter School Area is committed to assuring equity for all students regardless of race or socio – economic status. Several guidelines are followed during our hiring, placement, to provide equal access to state certified instruction and instructors:

  • All of our students are assigned to a sate certified teacher – grouped classrooms with every effort being made to have all sub-groups represented. We analyze the results to ensure diversity.
  • Since it is inevitable that experienced teachers will leave the school for other reasons, we have the following strategies and practices in place.

1.​      Advertising for employment opportunities on our web-site, local media.
2.​      Structured induction program during year 1 and 2.
3.​      Individual mentors for all new staff.
4.​      School meetings scheduled on a regular basis.
5.​      Offer​ trainings and workshops to strengthen content knowledge and instructional strategies to all teachers.
6.​      Continue​ working to align our system of recruitment, hiring, induction, supervision, and professional development.
7.​      Continue​  to provide on – going support to all staff via our staff observation program

  • Administrators as well as teacher leaders assist teachers with the implementation of the planned curriculum.
  • Our Title I teachers work in a team atmosphere to provide support and service to all Title I eligible students.
  • All current staff is state certified.

Measuring Success

Success will be measured by maintaining a 100% state certified staff as well as maintaining a high level of teacher retention supported by a supportive observation/evaluation model.