Extracurricular Activities Policy

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Extracurricular Activities Policy

The Charter School Law requires a charter school student’s school district of residence to allow the student to participate in the school district’s extracurricular activities if the student is able to fulfill the requirements of participation and the charter school does not provide the same extracurricular activity.

The requirements of participation shall apply equally to charter school students and students attending schools of the school district. The student’s school district of residence must accept the charter school’s written confirmation, which may include providing copies of the student’s attendance record and grades, that the student has met the established standards for the extracurricular activity. Charter schools must inform parents that they must authorize release of such information, which may constitute the student’s education record, in order for the resident school district to verify that their children are eligible to participate in extracurricular activities.

School districts cannot limit participation of charter school students in extracurricular activities on the basis that the activity is fully enrolled with school district students. Charter school students must be given an equal opportunity to compete for spaces in extracurricular activities. School districts are not required to provide transportation for a charter school student to or from the extracurricular activity. There may be additional requirements that the district of residence and charter school need to consider if the student participating or seeking to participate in extracurricular activities is a student with a disability.

The school district of residence may charge the charter school for charter student participation in extracurricular activities, since these costs were part of the per-pupil payment that is paid to charter schools. This fee is on a cost basis and the school district of residence should neither lose nor make money.

The school district of residence may develop policies to establish in which school building charter school students may participate in extracurricular activities, such as the building closest to the charter school or the building the student would be assigned to if attending the public school district.