Federal Fiscal Compliance Policy

The Board shall review and approve all applications for federal funds submitted by the Provident Charter School (“School”).
The Board designates the
{ } CEO
{ } CLO
{ } Director of Special Education
{ } Principal
as the School contact for all federal programs and funding.
The CEO or designee shall develop administrative regulations governing the procurement, use, management and disposal of goods, materials and equipment purchased with federal grant funds- At a minimum, the administrative regulations shall provide procedures to ensure:
  1. Expenditures of federal grant funds are completed in accordance with federal requirements.
  2. Title to and control of location, custody and security of equipment and/or property purchased with federal funds are maintained.
The CEO shall track and document all federal programs expenditures and verify budgetary information required for those programs.
All School employees paid with federal funds shall document the time they expend towards federal programs, in accordance with law.