Foster Care Transportation Policy

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As a Pennsylvania public charter school, Provident does not provide transportation to its students. Pursuant to Section 1726-A of the Pennsylvania Charter School Law, neighborhood school districts within 10 miles of Provident must provide students free transportation to Provident upon enrollment. In general, students outside of the 10-mile radius must arrange for their own transportation by parents, guardians, or friends of the family.

If a child is reported to be homeless or in foster care, Provident’s policy is to ensure that transportation for the child remains consistent. Once notified of the child’s family situation, Provident will coordinate with the home school district and/or state agency to provide for the student’s transportation. In conjunction with the home school district, Provident will make every effort to promptly facilitate transportation aligned with the child’s best interests, taking into consideration the length of the commute, the child’s safety, the child’s extracurricular activities, flexibility in the school schedule, and the child’s maturity and behavioral capacity.

In circumstances where the child’s best interests may be furthered by changing schools, Provident will collaborate with the appropriate county children and youth agency in making a best interest determination regarding school placement.