Parent and Family Engagement Policy

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Reviewed 6/1/2021

Provident Charter School is dedicated to providing quality education for every student. To accomplish this objective, we will develop and maintain strong partnerships with parents. Parents, family and teachers working as partners increase student achievement and develop positive attitudes about self and school. Teachers will keep parents informed of grade level learning objectives. All students will be expected to work toward mastering these objectives. Our school recognizes the fact that some students will need extra assistance to achieve their full potential. The extra assistance is available to students through the Title I program. Provident Charter School intends to include parents in all aspects of the Title I program. Students will be given every opportunity for success through the development and enhancement of the home/school partnership. To the extent practicable, Provident Charter School will provide full opportunities for the participation of parents with limited English proficiency, parents and family with disabilities, and parents and family of migratory children, including providing required information and school reports in an understandable and uniform format and including alternative formats upon request, and, to the extent practicable, in a language parents understand.

Provident Charter School will be governed by the following statutory definition of Parental and Family Engagement, and expects to carry out programs, activities and procedures in accordance with this definition:

Parent and Family Engagement means the participation of parents in regular, two-way, and meaningful communication involving student academic learning and other school activities, including ensuring:

that parents and family play an integral role in assisting their child’s learning; that parents and family are encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s education at school; 

that parents and family are full partners in their child’s education and are included, as appropriate, in decision-making and on advisory committees to assist in the education of their child; 

the carrying out of other activities.

Parent and Family Engagement Policy Development

Parents and Family, members of the community, and school staff will meet to discuss the design and implementation of the Parent Engagement Policy. Provident Charter School will recruit participation through various avenues of publicity. Parents will be informed of Title I guidelines. Copies of the Parent and Family Engagement Policy will be distributed. Parents will be encouraged to become involved in revising and updating the policy as necessary. The meetings will be held at a convenient time and location. Written notices will be directed at attracting as many parents as possible. The meetings will alternate between the end of the school day and evenings.

Provident Charter School will conduct, with the engagement of parents and family, an annual evaluation (via a survey) of the content and effectiveness of this parent and family engagement policy in improving the quality of the School. The evaluation will include identifying barriers to greater participation by parents and family in parental engagement activities (with particular attention to parents who are economically disadvantaged, are disabled, have limited English proficiency, have limited literacy, or are of any racial or ethnic minority background). Provident Charter School will use the findings of the evaluation about its engagement policy and activities to design strategies for more effective parental and family engagement, and to revise, if necessary (and with the engagement of parents and families) its engagement policies. The evaluation will be qualitative in nature through ongoing discussions with parents about the ongoing growth and development of the school in a way that best suits the needs of each enrolled child. Each member of the School’s administrative team will gather information in conversations with parents and include input, feedback and recommendations upon review of the policy.

School/Parent and Family/Student Compacts

In accordance with Title I regulations, the school must develop a parent/student compact with the parents of students participating in the program. This compact will enable the school and parents to share responsibility for student performance and success. The compact must explain how students, parents, and staff will share responsibility for promoting student performance and success. All parents will be given a copy of the compact detailing the responsibilities that teachers, parents, and students have in helping students accomplish their goals. Parents are asked to discuss the contents of the compact with their child.

Types of Parent and Family Engagement – There are many ways in which parents can be involved with their children’s education. Provident Charter School values both at home contributions and those which take place at school. Many types of parent and family engagement are needed in a home/school partnership that will help all our children to succeed.

Parent and Family Engagement opportunities include:

  • Supporting their child/children’s learning at home.
  • Volunteering in the classroom (must possess appropriate clearances).
  • Volunteering to help with field trips and other activities.
  • Parent/Teacher conferences throughout the year.

Parent Training

Parents, guardians, foster parents and surrogate parents are surveyed annually to determine training that is desired. To the best of the organization’s ability, meetings will be scheduled to accommodate increased parental and family support and participation (e.g., varying times, conference calls). Parents, guardians, foster parents and surrogate parents will be notified of the date, time, and purpose of the meeting via hard copy, parent portal, website and social media posts.

Provident Charter School will provide materials and training to help parents support their children’s academic achievement, and to foster parent and family engagement, by hosting speakers and engagement activities, discussing topics during Parent-Teacher Conferences and/or talking with parents during meetings conducted between the school and parents related to a child’s individualized education plan.

Provident Charter School will ensure that information related to the school and parent- programs, meetings, and other activities, is sent to the parents of participating children in an understandable and uniform format, including alternative formats upon request, and, to the extent practicable, in a language the parents can understand by understanding the first language of our parents through the school’s Home Language Survey and engaging parents of children whose first language is not English in order to understand how we can support their transition and ongoing success at the School.


Upon entering the building, please stop by the office and sign the visitor log book. The administration and faculty at Provident Charter School wish to support/home school cooperation. To make your visit to school more profitable to you and us, and safe for all students, we ask that parents, guardians, foster parents and surrogate parents schedule visits in advance, which can be done via a phone call or email to a Principal. The visit will last 30 minutes or less and be dependent on the teacher’s class schedule. All visitors must sign in to the office and have a valid ID. Visitors will refrain from disrupting the classroom and will be asked to leave if a disruption occurs.