Visitor Policy

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While Provident Charter School (“PCS”) encourages parents/guardians to visit PCS and participate in educational activities, it is paramount that parents and other visitors adhere to the following policy in order to maximize the safety of our staff and students.

  • If a parent or guardian wishes to visit a classroom or have a conference with a teacher or other PCS staff member, an appointment must be set with the teacher during non-instructional time in advance. Visitors must coordinate their visit by completing the Visitor Request Form on the Provident Charter School website www.providentcharterschool.org or by contacting the main office email at office@providentcharterschool.org or 412.709.5160. Office staff members will coordinate any visit with an administrator, and upon confirmation, will contact the visitor and verify the visit including the date, time and purpose of the visit. PCS retains sole discretion to approve or deny appointment requests
  • All visits to the school must be approved at least 24 hours in advance. This will alert staff and school administrators of the appointment and allow the school to prepare accordingly.  
  • Emergency appointments may be authorized with an Administrator’s approval.
  • All approved appointments will be posted immediately in the visitor log located in the main office.
  • All visitors shall enter through the PCS main entrance as posted, and register with the front office immediately upon entering the school building.  When registering, the visitor is required to provide his/her appropriate identification, including a driver’s license, PA state id or other valid id.  For the purposes of school safety and security, a visitors’ badge must be worn the entire time the visitor is in the PCS building.
  • Visitors shall not enter into any classroom without the accompaniment of a staff member.  Visitors are prohibited from entering any lockers.
  • Where the CEO or his/her designee has reasonable cause to believe that a visitor has willfully disrupted the orderly operation of the PCS campus, he or she may take steps to withdraw consent for that visitor to enter school grounds.  This means that the visitor is barred from returning to campus for a period of time.
  • At the conclusion of an appointment, the visitor must return to the main school office on the first floor of the PCS building, return the visitor badge, sign out and immediately exit the school.



All visitors coming to PCS will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms before they are allowed to enter.  This includes a series of questions and a check of your temperature.



Wear a facemask while in any PCS building.  If you have one bring your own mask.  Anyone without a mask will be given one before they can enter any location.

Visitors will also need to:

  • Limit moving in and out of educational areas
  • Practice social distancing
  • Not wait in the lobby, cafeteria or other waiting rooms, aside from approved exceptions