ELA & Social Studies

English Language Arts

The 2.5 hour English Language Arts block is broken into two parts: Wilson Reading System® and ELA & Social Studies.

  • Wilson Reading System®: All students receive one hour of the Wilson Reading System® daily The Wilson Reading System® is a multisensory and interactive intervention which utilizes a systematic and cumulative approach to teach total word structure for decoding and encoding, emphasizing the six syllable types.   Our ELA teachers are Wilson Language Training® Dyslexia Practitioners.
  • ELA & Social Studies: ELA teachers use the remaining 1.5 hours of their block to teach the ELA concepts of writing, speaking, listening, and language using the Benchmark Literacy program and social studies content using myWorld Social Studies.

Reading Intervention: Wilson Reading System®

ELA Program: Benchmark Literacy

Online Program: Benchmark Universe

Social Studies Program: myWorld Social Studies (Pearson)


To learn more about the Wilson Reading System®, click here.