ELA & Social Studies

English Language Arts

The 2.5 hour English Language Arts block is broken into two parts: Wilson Reading System¬ģ¬†and¬†ELA & Social Studies.

  • Wilson Reading System¬ģ: All students receive one hour of the Wilson Reading System¬ģ daily.¬† The Wilson Reading System¬ģ is a multisensory and interactive intervention which utilizes a systematic and cumulative approach to teach total word structure for decoding and encoding, emphasizing the six syllable types.¬† ¬†Our ELA teachers are Wilson Language Training¬ģ Dyslexia Practitioners.
  • ELA & Social Studies:¬†ELA teachers use the remaining 1.5 hours of their block to teach the ELA concepts of writing, speaking, listening, and language using the¬†Benchmark Literacy program and social studies content using¬†myWorld Social Studies.

Reading Intervention: Wilson Reading System¬ģ

ELA Program: Benchmark Literacy

Online Program: Benchmark Universe

Social Studies Program: myWorld Social Studies (Pearson)


To learn more about the Wilson Reading System¬ģ, click here.