Provident’s Charter Renewal

Provident Charter School is beginning its fourth year in operation and we want to THANK YOU for your continued support for this vital, one-of-a-kind school.

Provident currently serves 283 students from 40 different school districts across grades 2nd  through 7th.  We are proud to share that students who started with Provident in its inaugural year entered – on average – approximately one grade level behind in math and one grade level behind in reading.

Today, those students have improved on average 3.5 grade levels in math and 3.5 grade levels in reading.

In spring 2020, we will be seeking a five-year Charter Renewal from Pittsburgh Public Schools. As part of the Charter Renewal Process, we need the Provident community to share its stories of how the school, the teachers, and our community of learning has changed the lives of children. Please fill out the form below to create a customized letter of support in favor of Provident’s Charter Renewal. After submitting and downloading your letter, please be sure to email: & – Thank you!