What is a Makerspace?

A makerspace is a location where students gather resources, explore materiality,  design and fabricate tangible products, in an effort to solve physical problems and construct meaning. Makerspaces often combine features from labs, studios, and conference spaces to create a space that encourages experimentation, creation, discussion and reflection.

Maker Philosophy

Most makers and maker-educators would argue that making in any capacity is valuable. The maker movement in education is built upon a constructionist ideology, where hands on learning and inquiry-based instruction prompt discovery through personal learning experiences.

Focus Areas & Tech. Integration
  • Mechanisms – Bearings, Hydraulics, Springs
  • Tooling – Traditional Hand Tools
  • Soft & Hard Materials Exploration- Fibers, woodworking, cardboard construction, vacuum forming, ceramic construction.
  • Electricity- Circuitry, Electromagnets, Resistors, conductivity testing.
  • Physics- Rube Goldberg Machines (Laws of Motion), Da Vinci’s Inventions
  • Digital Design- Drawing Tablet, Adobe Creative Suite
  • Sound Exploration- DIY Instruments, Moving Coil Speaker, Midi/iPad music production.
  • CAD Design – CNC Fabrication, Google Sketchup, Carbide Create
  • Digital Modeling with 3D printers – FlashForge Finder
  • Laser Cutter/Engraver
What Does Our Makerspace Strive For?

Our intent as a community of educators and makers is to facilitate instruction that reinforces interdisciplinary concepts. Our makerspace serves as a classroom extension; providing tools, resources and a framework for linking making with school wide learning goals. Intentionality in project design guides and validates our maker practices.

In addition to conceptual learning, our maker curriculum aims to provide students with foundational skills in material fabrication, traditional craft and 3D design. These skills can be scaled and applied to contemporary building practices. By providing kids with tools, technology and relevant skills, we empower them manipulate, create and impact their physical world.


If you have questions about the Makerspace, or wish to donate tools or materials, please contact Amrit Moore at