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PCS West is the proud recipient of the PCPCS’s Replication Grant!

  • Designed for Children with Dyslexia
  • Creating Independent Learners

The only school of its kind in southwestern Pennsylvania, Provident Charter School is a tuition-free, public school designed for educating students with language-based learning differences such as dyslexia.  The overall structure of Provident Charter School is different than traditional schools as it offers an environment tailored to supporting students who are struggling to read:

      • Explicit instruction designed for students with dyslexia
      • Flexible, leveled grouping
      • Reading intervention programs, such as Wilson Reading System®, offered daily
      • Multisensory lessons designed to engage all types of learners
      • 1-to-1 student devices that offer individualized assistive technology
      • “Home” work is completed at school with the support of teachers for Grades 2, 3, and 4

Just as important as the school’s structure are the compassionate educators and administrators who work with the students on a daily basis.  The employees at Provident Charter School have a thorough understanding of our students’ needs and are dedicated to making school a positive, uplifting experience.

Our Mission

Provident Charter School is designed for children with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences to access their potential by providing a high-quality, well-rounded education that is delivered through multisensory instructional methods and individual learning plans. Our students move into high school prepared to succeed and confident in their own abilities.

Fundamental Beliefs

We believe that children with dyslexia flourish in a learning community where:

      • the child’s success is the driver of every decision
      • the challenges and gifts of dyslexia are deeply understood
      • the uniqueness of each child is honored — strengths are built upon; weaknesses are strengthened; and potential is unleashed.
      • the child’s academic, personal, and social development share equal priority.
      • the partnership among teachers, parents and administration is a daily commitment

PCS Foundation

Provident Charter School Foundation offers professional development workshops in partnership with Wilson Reading System®.  Partnering with public and private schools, clinics and adult education centers across the country, Wilson® strives for literacy for all.

News & Information

In 2020, the Pennsylvania Coalition of Public Charter Schools (PCPCS) was awarded an Expanding Opportunities Through Quality Charter School Programs Grant (commonly referred to as a CSP Grant) from the US Department of Education that would support the development, expansion and replication of high-quality public schools in Pennsylvania. In May of 2023, Provident Charter School West was awarded $1.5 Million to replicate the programming of Provident Charter School’s Inaugural School in Pittsburgh, PA. Charter schools whose model and track record demonstrate a strong likelihood that they will produce meaningful and sustainable student learning gains are chosen for this replication grant. We are truly thankful for this opportunity and look forward to the success of PCS West.

How A Charter School On Troy Hill Is Defeating Dyslexia
Provident Charter School, the state’s first public school aimed at helping students overcome dyslexia, uses a mind, body and soul approach to learning.

Pittsburgh Magazine
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A Beacon Of Hope On Troy Hill
We catch up on the progress at Provident Charter School in Troy Hill, which opened in 2016 as the state’s first public school designed to help students with dyslexia. It’s become so successful — and needed — that Provident Charter School West opened this school year in Beaver County.

Pittsburgh Magazine
September 21, 2023
by Virginia Linn

Luca.ai Uses ChatGPT To Teach Reading Skills To Children With Dyslexia
A decade after his son Luca was diagnosed with dyslexia, Scott Sosso developed a website to help other people with the learning disability learn to read. Luca.ai launched Nov. 2…

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
November 16, 2023
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