PCS Parent Group



The PCS Parent Group is a collection of parents, guardians, teachers, and principals that share a goal of supporting our students and staff to foster the best educational experience we can.  We raise funds through activities and events that include: spirit wear sales, flower sale fundraisers, Scholastic Book Fairs, Original Works sales, and others. The funds raised are used toward school event needs, teacher/staff appreciation, holiday gifts, 8th-grade graduation, PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support), Art, Music, and Taekwon-Do.


We meet on the 2nd Wednesday of each month throughout the school year. Meetings begin at 7 PM, are available virtually via Google Meet, and are typically 30 minutes in length.

Wednesday, October 11th
Wednesday, November 8th
Wednesday, December 13th
Wednesday, January 10th
Wednesday, February 7th
Wednesday, March 13th
Wednesday, April 10th
Wednesday, May 8th


Uniform Closet
Ellen Lyons

8th-Grade Graduation
Open Positions

Outdoor Experience
Natalie Green

Sallie Richards
Open Position(s)

Additional Committees
Teacher Appreciation Holiday & Teacher Gifts
Fundraising/Events – Spirit Wear, Scholastic Book Fair, Original Works, Flower Sales & Taekwon-Do – Concession Volunteers


The PCS Parent Group is a great way to get involved and support the staff and students at Provident. Feel free to sign up for as many volunteer opportunities as you would like–the more hands we have the more we can do as a group. Also, consider chairing/joining a committee or shadowing a current chair to step into their position when they leave. Please remember that most volunteer opportunities require clearances to be able to be in the school.


Shop with Scrip! – It’s a super easy way to support the Parent Group by buying gift cards to places you were going to shop anyway. Set up an account and order online or via the Raise Right app. Enter the organization: PCS Parent Group, and the code: 55TFTNZXCKLX

Read the Minutes & Other Communications– We are working to provide parents/guardians with as much information as we can in the most efficient ways possible. Even if you cannot participate, staying aware of what is going on in the school and in the parent group can make a huge difference when teachers/staff send out a call for support and you have the missing piece.


Please see our Family Engagement page.

The PCS Parent Group is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit so your personal or business contribution is tax deductible.