PCS West

Our Journey!

We resubmitted our application for PCS West on Tuesday, October 25th, 2022.  More information will be forthcoming!

Provident Charter School

Hours of instruction through traditional school curriculum.

Standard Instructional Hours

We provide 25% more instructional hours than the traditional school curriculum for enhanced, individualized, remedial instruction.

+25% Instructional Hours

We believe that children with dyslexia flourish in a learning community where:

The child’s success is the driver of every decision

The challenges and gifts of dyslexia are deeply understood

The uniqueness of each child is honored — strengths are built upon

Weaknesses are strengthened and potential is unleashed

The child’s academic, personal and social development share equal priority

The partnership among teachers, parents and administration is a daily commitment

History Repeats Itself

Our current school, which enrolls 331 students from over 40 districts, was denied approval initially by the local school district but was ultimately approved by the PA Commonwealth Court in 2016.

While Ambridge School District proposed that they have programming commensurate with that of Provident Charter School, we know that there is no other school quite like ours. Our mission is to serve students with dyslexia and language-based learning differences while providing unique and innovative programming. Our staff deeply understands dyslexia, which happens to be the most common learning difference, and they are committed to ongoing professional development so they can provide the most effective remediation, as well as serve as a model for other schools in the region. We know how difficult this instruction is to deliver. Our application to the Ambridge School District is in no way intended to find fault in their programming; a building happens to be available in that district.