The goal of science instruction at Provident Charter School is for students to become scientifically literate investigators, embracing scientific thinking and examination as a lens through which to view society and the world. Students examine real-world problems that surround scientific phenomena, engage in collaboration and discussion, and co-construct models or explanations that lead to solutions. The NGSS-aligned study of science is rooted in hands-on learning experiences, virtual simulations, and literacy-rich activities as students learn to think, read, write, and argue like scientists.

Amplify Science

Grades 2-5

Our science curriculum, Amplify Science, is based on authentic problem-solving through a deep understanding of the scientific phenomena in the world around us and is aligned with the new K-5 Pennsylvania Integrated Standards for Science, Environment, Ecology, Technology, and Engineering. Every unit provides a three-dimensional learning experience with an emphasis on a specific science and engineering practice. Students focus on the process of strategically developing investigations and gathering data to answer questions. To help them visualize what might be happening on the nanoscale, students use physical models, and computer simulations, and create their own diagrams. Engineering design units have students solving complex problems by applying science principles to the design of functional solutions, and iteratively testing those solutions to determine how well they meet pre-set criteria.

Grade 2 Units

      • Plant and Animal Relationships
      • Properties of Materials
      • Changing Landforms

Grade 3 Units

      • Balancing Forces
      • Inheritance and Traits
      • Environments and Survival
      • Weather and Climate

Grade 4 Units

      • Energy Conversions
      • Vision and Light
      • Earth’s Features
      • Waves, Energy, and Information

Grade 5 Units

      • Patterns of Earth and Sky
      • Modeling Matter
      • The Earth System
      • Ecosystem Restoration

Amplify Science

Grades 6-8

Provident Charter School

Amplify Science, tailored for grades 6–8, is a dynamic, phenomena-based science curriculum meticulously crafted to immerse students in engaging and realistic experiences that closely mirror the processes of scientists and engineers. As students progress through lessons, involving hands-on investigations, contemporary articles, and digital simulations, they unravel anchoring phenomena and develop a robust understanding of disciplinary core ideas, science and engineering practices, and crosscutting concepts. The conclusion of each core unit is marked by a science seminar and a final writing activity, guiding students to explore new real-world problems, collect and analyze evidence, and engage in thoughtful debates supporting their claims. The Engineering Internships further enhance this immersive experience by offering students the chance to apply learned concepts to solve problems, placing them in simulated science and/or engineering roles and utilizing digital technologies to replicate a real workplace environment.

Sample Grade 6 Modules

      • Microbiome
      • Metabolism Engineering Internship
      • Weather Patterns

Sample Grades 7-8 Course 1 Modules

      • Geology on Mars
      • Plate Motion Engineering internship
      • Chemical Reactions

Sample Grades 7-8 Course 2 Modules

      • Harnessing Human Energy
      • Force and Motion Engineering Internship
      • Light Waves