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Alma - SIS

Alma is Provident Charter School’s home base – our system for accessing student information shared across internal departments and our main source of communication between school and home.

Alma FAQs

Instructions for Logging into your Alma Account

Is there an app I can install on my phone?

      • Yes!  Please follow these instructions to install AlmaNow on your mobile device (Android & Apple).

Weather Delays & Flexible Instruction Days

NOTIFICATIONS: Weather Related DelayS & Synchronous Learning DayS
      • PCS families will receive notification through ALMA (phone call or text and email) and all major news stations.
      • It is the responsibility of families to check their primary contact phone number and notification preference (phone call or text) in Alma. Please contact Amanda Bilitski, abilitski@providentcharterschool.org – if you have any questions and/or updates to your contact information.
Weather Related Delays: 9:45 AM Student arrival
      • If Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) calls for a Weather Related Delay (2 hours), PCS will follow a compressed schedule beginning with student arrival at 9:45 am.
      • It is the responsibility of the family to transport their student(s) to school in the event their home district’s transportation is canceled.
Flexible Instruction Days: Weather Related Pivot to Synchronous Learning (Online Learning)
      • PCS participates in the Flexible Instruction Days (FID) program by providing synchronous learning to our students on school days that would have previously been deemed ‘Snow Days.’
      • If Pittsburgh Public Schools (PPS) calls for a ‘Remote Learning Day’ with no transportation, PCS will shift to a Synchronous Learning Day.
      • Synchronous instruction will begin at 9:45 am
      • PCS will follow Synchronous Learning Day Schedules, a modified compressed schedule
Continuity of Learning Requirements
      • Students that have signed the Technology Agreement policies, may begin transporting their devices and chargers back and forth by November 7, 2022
      • All PCS students should be familiar with the following elements of Google Classroom for Synchronous Learning Days.
          • How to access Google Classroom
          • Google Classroom Organization
          • How to access Google Meet links
          • How to turn in work through Google Classroom
      • In the event that a student experiences a barrier or interruption to internet connectivity, all teachers should provide an Alternative to Synchronous Learning Packet.
      • This Alternative to Synchronous Learning Packet should only be utilized if a student cannot access the internet to participate in live, synchronous learning.
      • Students must return a completed Alternative to Synchronous Learning Packet (1-3) within 7 calendar days of the scheduled Synchronous Learning Day in order to receive attendance credit.
      • Attendance on Synchronous Learning Days will be taken by teachers in ALMA in Homeroom/Advisory and for each block/class that meets live.

2023-24 Transportation Contacts

The 2023-24 Transportation Contact information is being created.  Please check back at a later time.


Provident Charter School will have a uniform scholar dress code in order to provide an environment where the focus is on learning and the distractions of dress are kept to a minimum. All scholars are expected to be properly dressed in the school uniform every day. All parents and guardians are expected to support their children by ensuring that scholars are properly dressed when they leave for school each morning.