5 Ways to Jump Start Summer Reading

At PROVIDENT CHARTER SCHOOL WEST (PCS West), our tuition-free charter school builds strong reading and writing skills in students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences. Our innovative curriculum includes low student-to-teacher ratios, small groups paced to individual learners, and a daily remediation block that gives students extra time to build reading skills. After the school year ends, we encourage our students to enjoy a summer of reading for fun. Here are 5 ways that you can help your child jump start their summer reading!

Provident Charter School tuition-free charter school student reading a book

1. Support Their Interests

Talk with your child about their interests, and give them material that will engage them. Got a sports fan? Try nonfiction books that profile sports stars or teams. Got an animal lover? There are lots of kids magazines and books that share fun facts about pets and wildlife. Comic books are often a hit with fans of action movies. The options are endless!

2. Take It Easy

Want a good rule of thumb when helping your child select summer books? Give them easy reading. Summer is supposed to be a relaxing time for kids to be kids. Let them experience the joy of reading without having to work hard on decoding words. It’s an easy way to help them get absorbed in books!

3. Read Aloud…Together

This summer, make the time to read aloud to your child, and let them take turns reading alongside you. That can mean incorporating books into your bedtime routine, sharing a quick lunchtime story, or simply reading signs together when you are in the car or grocery shopping. You may be surprised at how well your child can read aloud to you!

4. Use Technology

Don’t forget that there are many wonderful books that are available as audiobooks. Your LOCAL PUBLIC LIBRARY has audiobooks that you can check out at no cost, and there are online apps that have large selections of children’s audiobooks available for a fee. Some book apps even highlight sentences so that your child can read along with the narrator.

5. Be A Role Model

Learning starts at home, and that means that every caregiver can be a role model as a reader. Take books along to the beach or park. Going on a family vacation? Bring a book for the whole family to read and discuss. If you are dyslexic, let your child see you reading or listening to audiobooks. Talk about how you overcome your own difficulties with reading. Your attitude towards reading can be a positive influence on the next generation of readers!
At PCS West, we build language learning skills so every student is excited to read. Are you ready to unlock your child’s potential and start them on the path to a bright future?

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