PCS West: Learning That Works

At Provident Charter School West (PCS West), we inspire students with language-based learning differences through innovative, hands-on curriculum. One visit to our 1st-5th grade classrooms and you’ll see that PCS West is not your typical elementary school. That’s because we are experts at what we do. Quite simply, at PCS West learning works.

Teacher and students at tuition-free Provident Charter School working on math equations together at a classroom table.

Skilled Staff

Each classroom at PCS West features two co-teachers that are trained in Orton Gillingham-based reading remediation, multisensory instructional methods and developing individual learning plans. Students have the same teachers for two years in a row, enabling our staff to establish deep connections and understanding of each student’s abilities and needs. A counselor, a speech therapist and an occupational therapist are on-hand for learners who need extra support.

Students at Provident Charter School West tuition-free school spelling words at a table.

Effective Tools

The curriculum that we use at PCS West incorporates innovative tools that are not present in traditional classroom settings. These strategies work with the different ways that our students’ brains process information, helping every student engage with their classwork.

Multisensory Learning

Multisensory learning incorporates visual, tactile, auditory and kinesthetic activities into the classroom, giving students more ways to understand, remember, and recall new information. At PCS West, it can include:

  • Sand Writing: Students trace letters in sand as they verbalize the letter’s name and sound.
  • Blending Boards: Teachers use large cards printed with letters, helping students produce the sound of each letter individually and then blend them together to read the word in its entirety.  
  • Finger Tapping: Teachers display a card with a word written on it. As they say each letter, students tap their fingers, starting from their shoulder down to their wrist. 
  • Assistive Technology: PCS West uses assistive technologies ranging from voice to text programs; word prediction software; and line readers to help students focus on a single line of text at a time.

Integrated Accommodations

Many PCS West students have Individualized Education Programs (IEPs) that define accommodations appropriate to their needs. Unlike many traditional schools, PCS West teachers are trained to work with these accommodations and often integrate them into their daily classroom settings. They can include: 

  • Extended time to take tests
  • The option to provide oral answers rather than written ones
  • Exemption from reading out loud in class
  • A quiet study space
  • Offering written step-by-step directions and reading them aloud
  • Keeping instructions simple
  • Showing students how to break assignments into smaller tasks
  • Providing checklists that help students monitor their understanding and progress
  • Underlining keywords and ideas on materials that students should read first

At PCS West, our skilled, knowledgeable teachers are ready to unlock your child’s potential and start them on the path to a bright future. Interested in learning more?

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About Provident Charter West

Provident Charter West is a tuition-free brick and mortar charter school serving 1st-5th grade students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Our innovative classroom model and effective teaching techniques inspire all learners. Students are supported by a close-knit community of specially-trained teachers, staff and engaged families within Beaver, Allegheny, & Butler Counties. Join PCS West today – ask about free transportation!