Get Moving! Tae Kwon Do at PCS West

“student at Provident Charter School jumps through the air in a Tae Kwon Do class”

What’s your favorite part of Taekwondo?

“Kicking the bags and jumpside kicks”

“Performing on Team STORM”

“It’s fun!”

At PROVIDENT CHARTER SCHOOL WEST (PCS West), we understand that there are many ways to reach 1st-5th grade students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences. Our unique classroom structure and individualized instruction are just the beginning. PCS West also offers tuition-free instruction in Tae Kwon Do – a martial art form that has been around for over 2,000 years. So how can breaking a board benefit your child? The answers may surprise you!

Science-based Benefits

There are so many benefits to learning a martial art form like Tae Kwon Do – especially for young children. From social-skills’ boosting aspects of increased confidence, individual achievement, positive feedback, to just being a fun way to connect with peers outside of a traditional classroom setting. Tae Kwon Do helps build brain skills too! Students learn to recognize and perform patterns and sequences, work on large and fine motor skills, and practice self control in their bodies while focusing their minds. All skills that translate into language learning! 

“a group of students moving together in a Tae Kwon Do class at tuition-free Provident Charter School”

Come Check It Out!

Interested in learning more about Tae Kwon Do at PCS West? Come visit a student demonstration and see how your child can enjoy this unique opportunity. We offer a free community demonstration at PCS CENTRAL each year, and perform at the Pittsburgh Zoo as part of the PITTSBURGH ASIAN LATERN FESTIVAL. In addition, motivated students can join our “Team Storm”, which hosts two competitions each year and performs at Duquesne University basketball halftime shows!

At PCS West, there are so many approaches to unlocking a child’s potential – including Tae Kwon Do! Are you ready to start your child on the path to a bright future? CONTACT US and take a tour today!


About Provident Charter West

Provident Charter West is a tuition-free brick and mortar charter school serving 1st-5th grade students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Our innovative classroom model and effective teaching techniques inspire all learners. Students are supported by a close-knit community of caring teachers, staff and engaged families in Beaver County. Join PCS West today!