We Love to Learn!

Let’s be honest: for students with dyslexia and language-based learning differences, school can be tough. From social situations that are hard to navigate to teaching methods that just don’t resonate, young learners often struggle in traditional classrooms. At PROVIDENT CHARTER SCHOOL WEST (PCS WEST), our tuition-free charter school is flipping the script for those kids. Just come for a visit and you’ll see that it’s true: at PCS West, our students love to learn!

“two students at tuition-free Provident Charter School laughing together at their desks”

A Caring Culture

One of the first things you may notice when you enter a PCS West classroom is a feeling. A feeling of warmth and of being welcomed. By teachers and specialists, but also by students. That’s because the culture of PCS is something everyone participates in creating, and is an important part of our success. New students find that our small school environment can feel like a caring family – one that supports them through academic challenges and celebrates their successes.

“two students at tuition-free charter school PCS chatting in the school cafeteria”

Friendships Start Here

PCS West students often comment on how easy it is to make friends at our school. They can relate to the learning challenges that their classmates are experiencing, and work together in small groups that are paced to abilities. Through hands-on learning in our Makerspace to TAE KWON DO instruction for all grades, our students have time throughout the school day to try new things and have fun with their classmates, building friendships in the process.

Teaching That Fits

It may come as no surprise that when students start succeeding in school, they can’t wait to keep learning. Students with dyslexia and language-based learning differences require teachers who appreciate the unique strengths of their students and are trained in methods that fit their abilities. PCS West students may have struggled to succeed prior to enrolling at our school, but our innovative approach to teaching ensures that all students thrive academically. We staff two full-time professional teachers in every classroom and maintain a low student-to-teacher ratio. Students are grouped into small groups paced to individual learning abilities, and a daily remediation block for reading and math gives teachers extra time to address individual learning needs. 

At PCS West, we create a nurturing culture so that all students come to school excited to learn! Are you ready to unlock your child’s potential and start them on the path to a bright future?

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About Provident Charter West

Provident Charter West is a tuition-free brick and mortar charter school serving 1st-5th grade students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Our innovative classroom model and effective teaching techniques inspire all learners. Students are supported by a close-knit community of caring teachers, staff and engaged families in Beaver County. Join PCS West today!