Parents Are Partners at PCS West

Did you know that caregivers can make a big difference in a student’s academic success? RESEARCH SHOWS that students whose parents are involved in their school have better attendance and behavior, get better grades, demonstrate better social skills and adapt better to school. At PCS West, our teachers and staff work alongside parents to support our students’ learning.

Here’s how!

Close Connections

Our small 1st-5th grade charter school setting enables us to know every student – and their families – by name. Teachers and parents partner with each other through frequent communication and classroom feedback, reaching out if they see a need for additional academic support or enrichment.

Personalized Learning Prioritized Here

Because PCS West serves students with language-based learning differences, many of our young learners have an Individualized Education Plan (IEP). An IEP is a document which outlines a student’s personalized educational plan, including specifics around specialized instruction and related services. Many PCS West parents report challenges implementing IEPs at other schools, feeling defensive and anxious discussing with staff and having to advocate for their child. At PCS West, we partner with parents to create and implement IEPs, and conduct formal conferences twice each year to provide feedback on learning. In addition, our teachers and staff are very accessible to families who would like to check in about their child or answer questions about the IEP process.    

Family Engagement Series

Learning isn’t just for enrolled students at PCS West. Each year we host a Family Engagement Series for parents and caregivers to attend with their children. Popular events like the Dyslexia Simulation and STEAM Night offer unique experiences to learn more about our curriculum and language-based learning differences. Families of all ages visit our campus to enjoy hands-on curriculum-based events like Frog Day, Cake Decorating, House/Circuits Project, and more. These events are a great way to have fun with your family and get to know the PCS West community! 

Student and teacher at PCS West tuition-free charter school high five across a classroom table.

Volunteers Wanted

PCS West parents and caregivers are encouraged, but not required, to VOLUNTEER in our school. We offer a VARIETY OF OPPORTUNITIES that accommodate the schedules of working parents and busy families. Our PARENT GROUP helps with fundraising and is always looking for volunteers to support our school activities. From assisting with in-class reading support and field trip chaperones; attending teacher conferences or book fairs; or coordinating our Health & Wellness Fair, Dyslexia Simulation and other events; there are lots of ways to be involved at PCS West. Interested in spreading the word about PCS West? Come volunteer as an ambassador! As guest speakers and as resources for prospective families, our ambassadors talk first-hand about the benefits that PCS West has provided for their learners. It’s a great way to give back to our school!  

These are just some of the ways that Provident Charter West families and teachers are crucial partners in student success. Are you interested in learning more about how PCS West can be a fit for your child? Contact us and ENROLL TODAY.


About Provident Charter West

Provident Charter West is a tuition-free brick and mortar charter school serving 1st-5th grade students with dyslexia and other language-based learning differences in Southwestern Pennsylvania. Our innovative classroom model and effective teaching techniques inspire all learners. Students are supported by a close-knit community of caring teachers, staff and engaged families in Beaver County. Join PCS West today!